CDKit is a CI/CD framework that helps to continuously integrate, test and deploy iOS and Android apps to iTunes and Google Play

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What is CDKit?

The idea behind CDKit, was to provide a faster way to deploy mobile apps from a Git commit to the app stores.
Deploying a new release can takes more time than the development itself and reduced the number of small updates.
CDKit try to fix that by using different tools and deploy automatically a mobile app in less than an hour!


Build your iOS and Android apps faster with multiple agents (GO.CD agents for now) after every Git commit and get a build that you can use  under the other stages and pipelines

TESTS & Code Quality

Run your unit tests and code quality (SonarQube) to check if the code is following your code style and if there is no regression or security issues (sonar-secret)

UI Automation

Test your app with iOS simulators and Genymotion emulators to ensure that your build is working. Takes screenshots of specific screens that can be used for the app stores

App stores Screenshots

Create automatically your app stores screenshots with themes that include text and device mockups including iPhones, iPad and Android devices

iTunes & Google Play

Deploy your app and app stores assets (screenshots, texts, etc.) to TestFlight and Google Play Alpha/Beta before released it by just triggering the last pipeline (Fastlane)

Open Source

I have open-sourced this project after building and working with it for the last 5 years on my personal mobile apps, Alexa skills and APIs. The project is available on Github.


Few screenshots to illustrates most of the CDKit features

Demo of the CDKit Design Automation

This quick demo show how the CDKit Design Automation generates automatically the app stores screenshots for Google Play and iTunes.